What’s NEW on my new website (and what it means for you).

In this very virtual world, we don’t often get to meet people in person. That can be hard! Because of this, I’m happy to announce my brand new website. The whole purpose of this website is to let people get to know me better, show my passion, and show what working together is like.

If you’ve worked with designers before, you probably know … great samples aren’t always enough. What was the process like? Is the end result anything like what the client had in mind? Did it meet their goals? I believe that great design is about so much more than good visuals. That’s why I redesigned my website.

What’s new and different?

  • Clear positioning. I designed my old website 2 years ago, and my business has come far in that short time. I’ve always worked for nonprofit organizations and change-makers, and now my website shows that specialty.
  • Technologically, it’s today. With a content management system (WordPress), and a responsive design (so it can be viewed on all devices like mobile phones and tablets) – my new website is current, easy to view and easy to update.
  • It shares what my clients get. With process and what you get pages that highlight working together, and a services page that lays out the details, it’s about you!
  • It also shares what I’m about. My why me? and values pages give insight into what drives me—so readers can see if they’d like to work with me. I feel proud to have a website that lets readers in, and reflects my passion and commitment.
  • Testimonials. I know it will help people learn more about me if they can see what other clients have said. So I’ve added testimonials.
  • Free report! I want to share my expertise and help my clients. So I’ve written a free, downloadable report called 8 Steps to an Engaging Nonprofit Annual Report. Download it and let me know what you think.
  • It’s social! With enhanced social media integration – the new site incorporates my tweets, and my samples have a “pin it” button for easy sharing on Pinterest.
  • Blog. Now I can keep in touch with my clients and share useful tips and ideas to help them raise awareness and create change. To get my blog posts delivered to your inbox, please sign up here.


Do you need a new website?

I can help you figure out what’s working and what’s not on your current website, and design a beautiful, authentic site that speaks right to your target audience. Interested? Let’s talk.