Why I Don’t Meditate at Home

I go to meditation classes regularly. I even have a monthly membership at a meditation studio.

Could I meditate at home?

Probably. I’ve tried it, but it just isn’t the same. Dedicating time to yourself is hard sometimes, but when you invest in something, you can find ways to carve out the time and get better results.

Also, I’m new to meditation and at the studio, I am learning from expert instructors with years of experience and training. This is helping me build a better foundation to my practice and learn how to sustain it in the long-term.

I’ve also learned that we all need help sometimes and can’t do everything on our own. At meditation class there’s a community and tons of support.

I feel the same thing can start to happen with our marketing efforts sometimes. We have so many priorities and responsibilities that it can get overwhelming. But with focus, support, and an outside perspective, you can gain clarity and free-up time other important tasks.

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