Wish someone could do this for you?

I love to eat! I also love making new healthy recipes. I don’t love chopping vegetables and cleaning up the kitchen. Luckily my family members or dinner guests are usually up for chopping the vegetables. And when I cook, they sometimes even clean up the kitchen.

This arrangement works out very well for me (I hope for them too). I’ve found that while the chopper is chopping things, I can prep the rest of the meal, set the table, plan for the next day or even do some yoga.

By surrendering what I don’t love doing and allowing someone else to help, it has opened me up for more productivity and creativity. When I’m not chopping vegetables, I have more time to do other things I like better!

Think about it. Is there something that you’d don’t love doing or think someone else could help you do better?

If you dislike handling your marketing and design as much as I dislike chopping veggies, let me help you with my Ongoing Partnership Package. Limited spots available!

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