7 Step Newsletter Planning Workbook: Freebie

For nonprofit organizations, newsletters can be one of the biggest change-creators. But for many of my clients, they’re also one of the biggest stressors! My method of removing stress is to get organized, lay things out clearly, and plan ahead.

This is why I’ve created a freebie download: 7 Step Newsletter Planning Workbook. This workbook guides you through each of the 7 steps (below!), with helpful tips and places to write your ideas, brainstorm, define timelines and assign responsibilities—everything you’ll need to streamline your newsletter creation process.

1. Content
2. Visuals
3. Scheduling
4. Responsibilities
5. Production
6. Spread Awareness
7. Plan Ahead

Nobody likes rushing to get things done at the last-minute–and nobody should have to!

When you use this 7 Step Newsletter Planning Workbook, you’ll see the difference not only in the ease of the process, but in the quality of the material and the response it creates for your organization.

Ready to streamline your newsletter-creation process?

Set yourself up for success with my 7 Step Newsletter Planning Workbook.