7 Share-worthy Nonprofit Marketing Resources

I believe in order to be a strong organization you need stay current, measure your progress and always be open to learning something new. Fortunately, the nonprofit world has no shortage of wonderful resources to help us.

To add to last year’s list of my favorite nonprofit resources (all of which are still favorites!), here are some more resources I’ve been enjoying lately that I think are worth sharing:


1. Driving Participation Podcast
Wondering how a rebrand might impact your organization? Or what the most engaged organizations are doing differently? In Beth Brodovsky’s Driving Participation Podcast, Beth interviews fundraisers, marketers and consultants about what’s working in marketing and fundraising. My favorite episode is #066, How a Printed & Mailed Donor Newsletter Generates Over One Million in Revenue.

2. The Fundraising Authority Podcast
In The Fundraising Authority Podcast, Joe Garecht discusses and interviews expert guests on effective tips and tools on fundraising and development for nonprofits. My favorite episode is #17, Writing Better Fundraising Appeal Letters with Mazarine Treyz.


3. Brandraising by Sarah Durham
This is a must-read for nonprofit professionals. In Brandraising, Sarah Durham provides practical and clear guidance on building and implementing a strong brand. It’s an interesting read with many visuals and tips to help walk you through the process.

4. Play by Stuart Brown
When you love your work, you want to do it all the time—but it really isn’t the best thing for you or your work. You need time for yourself to recharge and refocus your energy so you can come up with fresh ideas and keep doing excellent work. This time involves “play” or doing things you love. That is why I recommend the book, Play, by Stuart Brown.

Here’s a quote from the book that sums it up pretty well: “The beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do.”

So now you might be thinking…I don’t have time to read books! I understand. I’ve started books and then abandoned them half-read before, but I just learned about a reading technique from Ed Gandia that makes getting through books faster and simpler. Check it out!


5. Sandy Rees
I heard Sandy Rees speak at a conference a couple years ago. She has a very straightforward and practical approach to fundraising that gets you excited and convinced “I can do this.” I still remember her presentation today; she’s a fellow animal lover and had engaging photos of her pets incorporated into her slides. One thing she said still sticks with me: “The relationship is more valuable than the donation.”


6. The Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC)
I think NTC’s website describes it best: “The sector’s signature technology event. Over 100 educational sessions, an exhibit hall highlighting the latest nonprofit products and services, and networking events each day: the NTC is an event that cannot be missed!” This will be my first time attending and I am so excited. If you will be there, please tweet or email me so we can connect.

7. Cause Camp
Unable to travel to go to a conference? Not a problem. Nonprofit Hub’s Cause Camp offers a virtual registration option for $95. Virtual attendees will have access to select live presentations, plus get access to recordings of all of the other presentations as well as the live stream for several weeks after the conference. I have not attended Cause Camp, but for $95 with sessions ranging from “10 Secrets to Optimizing Your Online Donation Process for Maximum Dollars Raised and Retained” to “The Power of We: Harnessing the Science of Stories to Break Down Silos and Win as a Team,” it seems like a good investment.

Do you have any favorite resources to add? Email me and let me know.